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How To Have Sex With Your Sex Doll?

How To Have Sex With Your Sex Doll

Having sex with a sex doll is an amazing experience, and there’s little difference compared to a real woman.

In fact, some people prefer dolls over women- no nagging, no judging, just fun! Why not? Also, the versatility and realism makes them very popular among singles and couples, looking to induce fun in their sex life.

However, before you dive into the fun, you must prepare her well. At the end of the day, being prepared increases the chances of having a great time, which is why we are here.

Getting Ready

Your sexual orientation will determine how you’re having sex with a sex doll, however here are a few pointers to get you started;

Prepare your mind and body– Just like you do when you’re having sex with a human partner, preparing for the experience is essential. Start off by relaxing your mind in whatever way you find helpful. Whether it’s taking a warm bath, listening to some mellow tunes, or meditating; you decide.

Have the essentials ready– Before you get down to business, you must have everything necessary within your arm’s reach. Whether it’s a clean towel, the lube, a condom, or wipes, make sure you have them in the room. Trust me! The last thing you want is to halt mid-battle to rush upstairs and get the lube. Also use a sleeve warmer to warm up your sex doll’s orifices and ensure they’re at the right temperature for you.

Be ready for aftercare– Once you’re done with the experience, it’s always advisable to clean the her the right away. So, have your cleaning essentials ready to simplify the process. Cleaning her enhances longevity while ensuring she’s always ready for you.

So, having looked into the general do’s when having sex with a sex doll, here are some of the specifics;

1. Kissing and Touching

Both silicone and TPE-made sex dolls feel exemplary smooth and soft to touch. From the glossy lips to the squeezable, soft boobs, it only gets better. Also, most have a tongue, teeth, and a deep throat too.

Open her mouth and kiss her passionately. Don’t stop there either, stretch your arms to caress her perky boobs and fat ass. The entire body feels great and you’ll certainly enjoy fondling her.

2. Vaginal Sex

Next let’s talk about the highlight of the entire experience: vaginal sex! You see, the engineers directed much of their attention to the vagina to ensure it feels just as pristine as that of a woman. It’s anatomically precise in a way that you can penetrate it while blindfolded.

Also, the sturdy skeletons of the dolls ensure you can place her in any position you like. Just put her to bed and pound away.

Remember: it’s totally safe for you to cum inside of her!

3. Anal Sex

People are different and some enjoy anal sex more than others. Sadly, not all partners are willing to go the anal way, which leaves a good percentage of the population feeling disappointed and dejected.

You don’t have to be disappointed anymore! Sex dolls provide you with an ideal alternative to relieve all your sexual needs. The anal orifice is unique and tighter to ensure that you make the most out of the experience. And the interior lining has a different set of grooves and bumps that are designed to enhance the experience.

Enjoy different sex positions as you penetrate your sex doll from behind. Certain positions like doggy style give you great access to the anal orifice and a good view of the ass as you pound her.

Remember: Get yourself a water-based lubricant and lube her up to make penetration easy.

4. Oral Sex

Depending on the type of doll you go for, she might have a set of teeth or not. In fact, most models feature a tongue and a deep throat to amplify the experience.

And while you certainly don’t expect to get the suction that you get from your partner, a little lube and warmth to the mouth can transform her into a blow job queen in seconds!

The tongue and teeth tickle your dick as it moves back and forth for an incredible feeling. Moreover, you can hold her head at the back to guide her through the experience.

And while she won’t be able to stimulate the suction you get from the mouth of a human, you don’t have to worry about gag reflex; you can go all the way. Just a little warming session and a quality water-based lube, and your dick will be treated to a nice, afternoon massage.

5. If Your Doll Has A Penis…


Shemale and male dolls present you with much more possibilities when it comes to sex.

The addition of a rock hard dick makes these dolls dynamic and flexible as you can use it for sex.

This is relevant especially if you’re using a sex doll with your partner as she can also use it to enjoy immersive penetrations. In fact, this was one of the qualities I used to convince Sandra that we needed one!

With a male or shemale or male doll you can use the penis for anal or vaginal sex. And depending on the position, move your body back and forth to the desired rhythm. You can also position the doll in a way that you only need to push him back and forth with your hands.

Thanks for reading ! 🙂

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