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The 10 Most Popular Sex Dolls in 2020

The 10 Most Popular Sex Dolls in 2020

2020 is a legendary and challenging year that will surely go down in history as the year in which humanity around the world has been plunged into an atmosphere of stress and sadness due to the frenzied spread of the new coronavirus, which we have been fighting together to overcome. At the same time many people are spending more and more time at home due to the closure of cities for epidemic control.

Therefore, in 2020, sex dolls and sex toys are one of the hottest commodities that can bring great pleasure and companionship to couples, homosexuals, gay and single men.

I listed the 10 most popular sex dolls in 2020 for you. These dolls are customizable, incredibly realistic and the best in the industry.

TOP10 Claire Cute Sex Doll - Flat Breasts


Claire is an innocent Japanese otaku sex doll. She has a flat chest and a small cherry-shaped mouth that highlights her cuteness and innocence. She usually likes to watch manga and anime at home. Do you like cute flat chested love dolls for sex? I believe she can attract you soon.

In recent years, flat-chested dolls have been popular with the majority of male customers, some male customers do not like the big-chested sexy dolls, on the contrary, cute and sweet flat-chested dolls are their favorite, this feeling is like finding their first love in school days, what does your first love look like?

TOP 9 Verna Sex Doll - Slim Waist Sexy Dolls


Verna Sexy doll has a perfect S-shaped supermodel body. Is the charming doll with big breasts and slender waist your favorite? With a typical European girl’s face and big sexy mouth, you will fall in love with Verna love doll immediately and sigh for her perfection after you receive the Verna doll package.

If you're looking for a mulatto doll then you're going to love Verna, I'm sure no one can escape the allure of Verna's big lips, which is why the Verna doll is so popular in 2020, her delicate face and firm breasts, incredibly sexy all on her!

TOP 8  Shemale Sex Dolls - Half Body


1.Ladyboy Sex Dolls, Penis for Women, Anus sex.
2.Updated design,easy to clean.
3.Silicone&TPR,Medical Materials.CE Certification.
4.Silicone made by edible silicone oil,odorless and innocuous.Absolutely safe for health with the authorized material inspection report
5.Soft handfeel,smooth and bright silicone skin surface,very close to the real beauty skin.

This is a favorite toy for gay men, it has a big strong penis and full breasts, you can place it on the bed and use it easily. This product is affordable and often sells out.

Top 7  Fanny Sex Doll - Small Breast


Of course, The reason for Fanny love doll's popularity with male customers is her incredibly attractive body, the texture of her young, smooth skin looks attractive in the rain especially, and the design of her shaved vagina and anus is also very realistic and sexy.

Top 6 Hannah Shemale Sex Doll - Small Chest


The blonde girl Hannah is a bisexual who loves rock and roll. Hannah shemale sex  doll can switch gender at any time because her long penis can be removed by you. The length of the penis is 8.6in/22cm. Hannah ladyboy love doll has a slim waist and small B cup breasts. Do you want to play rock music with her? Of course you can do everything you want with our gay sex doll.

Shemale / Ladyboy sex dolls have always been popular among gay men, and in recent years, many couples have fallen in love with shemale sex dolls because they have the thrill of being used by both couples at the same time!

 TOP 5 Amanda 150cm/4.9ft E-cup - Elf Princess


Amanda SE sex doll is the most popular Elf doll among SE sex dolls. She is the princess among the elves. With long ears and royal blue eyes, men cannot refuse such a beautiful fairy sex doll. Of course, you will fall in love with her big breasts and tight real vagina. Bring the Amanda Elf Princess back to your bed!

TOP 4 Angela Sex Doll - B cup


Hello guys! I am a 22 year old Colombian girl. My friends call me Angela because I am the queen of their hearts. I was born in stunning Colombia full of colours and music. I am from the Pacific coast. We feel thankful just to be alive and enjoy the sun and the sea every day. Would you like to become part of me?

Princess Angela, as white as snow, was always like a goddes, and many customers were crazy about her, her deep blue eyes seemingly hiding a beautiful starry sky. Every review of the Angela doll is almost always positive, and the Angela doll will really capture the hearts of men!

TOP 3  Judi Classic Tan Sex Doll - Special offer


Judi Sex Doll is an aspiring artist. She has been working very hard on her portfolio and hopes it will get her into the best art school there is. Chances are good, because her fingers are quite skillful at shaping and sculpting clay. She may be quiet, but all the while she is thinking. You have to be gentle with her, because she’s a virgin! “I’ve never slept with a man before. I’ve only kissed my boyfriends,” she says with trepidation, “but I’m really excited to learn!” she adds.

Judi Sex Doll is a classic WM sex doll, she came out in 2016, but Judi dolls have always been very popular and loved by customers, and now, Judi dolls are often sold out of stock, very hot selling!

TOP 2  Ada Mini Sex Doll - Flat Breasts


Ada is a petite sex doll with a flat chest. If you keep looking at her, you will be lost in her eyes like the deep blue sea. Her eyes are full of innocence, which makes you want to love her well. The hands and feet are so cute and charming. She is a little small doll that all men can't miss!

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Top 1 Trista Redhead Sex Doll - B cup


Trista has always been a very popular redhead sex doll. Her fluffy hair and charming small boobs are very popular among customers. She often asks you: "What kind of girl do you like? Maybe it is me with healthy brown skin Woman?"

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